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MASTERS - Make ApprenticeShip aTtractive in European SMEs

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What is MASTERS about?

MASTERS wants to promote apprenticeship in small and micro enterprises, developing and validating a set of practical and methodological tools to support the professional development of in-company tutors operating in SMEs, VET trainers and job counsellors, so as to allow them to implement efficient and high quality apprenticeship programs.

Who will be working in the MASTERS project?

MASTERS is six partners from four countries.

1. Romanian National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises – Arad Branch, Romania (CNIPMMR ARAD) - Project Coordinator


3. FYG Consultores – Valencia, Spain (FyG)

4. Centre For Education And Entrepreneurship Support – Rzeszow, Poland (CWEP)

5. Istituto Istruzione Superiore "I.I.S. Donato Bramante" – Rome, Italy (I.I.S.)

6. Rzeszow Regional Development Agency in Poland – Rzeszow, Poland (RRDA)

What are the specific tasks of Partners in MASTERS?

■ Research methodologies will be provided by all partners, coordinated by RRDA, in order to ensure there is wide comprehension of each country's situation with regards to the topics (e.g. role of in company tutors and job counsellors for WBL and specifically apprenticeship within their country).

■ Designing and developing the Curriculum programme for in-company tutors (SMEs) will be ensured by CWEP, which has long term experience in delivering training. CWEP will also lead the MOOC training course development, due to IT expertise, resulting from work in previous projects as technical partner.

■ Curriculum programme for the professional development of job counsellors working with apprenticeships programmes will be designed, developed and tested by F&G Consultores, which has a strong experience in running training courses and mentoring.

■ I.I.S., with the support of ERIFO, will coordinate the activities of the entire Consortium in developing the Toolkit for the recognition and validation of informal and non-formal learning acquired through WBL schemes.

■ In-Company PILOT BLENDED action programme and Self-Directed Learning Guide will be led by ARAD, which has know-how in promoting and sustaining business environment of SMEs. Each country will be involved in the piloting phase.

■ PILOT PRACTICAL action programme will be led by ERIFO because of its strong expertise in developing human capital as accredited provider for training and employment services. Each country will be involved in the piloting phase.

Who is the MASTERS project aimed at?

Direct and indirect recipients of the results of the project will be:

■ In-company apprenticeship mentors,

■ Job counsellors/practitioners,

■ SMEs,

■ European organisations,

■ Centre of competencies validation,

■ Youth employment organizations;

■ Apprentices in European companies,

■ Vocational Education & Training Providers,

■ Apprenticeship related institutions,

■ Human resources specialists,

■ Teachers, students, deans, rectors from Business Management courses,

■ Learners involved in apprenticeship schemes.

First MASTERS Transnational Project Meeting

The first Partnership Meeting was hosted by CWEP in Rzeszow (Poland) 21.11.2019 - 22.11.2019. The aim of the meeting was the introduction to the project objectives and of Partners themselves. Discussed were planned project results, the target groups, as well as management rules, activities and tools (project administration, communication and software). MASTERS will be using a project management and communication system, namely AdminProject, which will be supporting project monitoring and coordination. Partners have already set deadlines for the first to be developed project result, i.e. In-depth Transnational Research Study and Analysis on professional roles and challenges of apprenticeship schemes in Europe, concerning: Policies, Systems, Competency Standards and Good Practices. The meeting was also a chance to introduce the MASTERS Dissemination Strategy, Project Website Assumptions and MASTERS Quality and Evaluation Strategy. With the confirmation of task deadlines and responsibilities per Partner, scheduled was the second Partnership Meeting, which will be held in Valencia (Spain) 02.07.2020 – 03.07.2020.

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